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Technical Description:
Technical and space requirements: a darkened room, approx 4x6 m.
The graphic card renders the stereoscopic and other effects with special drivers and directX graphical library. Video camera signal with 'night-view' function, enhanced by infrared light is analysed by pattern recognition and motion tracking software. Morphed coordinates of previously captured 3D motion data of real people are mixed together live with visitor movement and gesture data. The object property database supports scene changes and calculations. Various areas in the scene space trigger different parameters for animation, visual and sound effects (like intensity, density, level of details, etc.)  The electro statistic field sensors trigger various modes, depending of visitor presence. Hardware:
- 3 PCs
- 2 CRT (RGB) projectors (alternatively 1 projector)
- stereo shutter glasses
- video camera
- custom-built electrostatic field sensor interfaces
- MIDI in/out/mix interfaces
- 2 game joysticks

- blaxxun Contact VRML client with custom (C++) extensions: MIDI client, SpaceMouse plug-in, TCP server/client plug-in, SQL (ODBC) client plug-in,
- EyesWeb video tracking/motion analysis software,
- Java applets for various specific AI algorithms.

(Special thanks to Jean-Pierre Lemoine (hplank.inetpc.com) and Herber Stocker (www.hersto.de) for their help with C++ extensions for blaxxun Contact)

Required technical equipment:

for active stereo (with shutter glasses): 1-2 CRT (RGB) VGA data projector(s), supporting 120Hz vertical sync (i.e. supporting stereoscopic VGA signal;) e.g. SONY, BARCO or other, not LCD based.

or 2-4 DLP or LCD projectors with high lumen capacity - for 'passive stereo' - with polarisation glasses.

2x surround or 4-channel sound systems. 15-17" monitor.

Technical scheme:


Installation layout:

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