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(premiere at the Ars Electronica Festival 2002)

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Interactive installation, 3D stereo projection with 3D (8-channel, XYZ) sound. Visitor can observe dynamic scenes made of letters, signs and symbols. These 'molecules' contain fragments of language (i.e. Latin-, Arabic-, Asian- etc. words and characters) and symbols of cultural identity: country flags, landscape, trademark and other imagery. On visitor activity the global map 'morphs' and zooms into landscapes, city streets and human figures that also are made of the signs. During user inactivity period scene influxes back into a world map made up of pulsating characters, e.g. from languages typical to the according world part. Users can change navigate scenes with several joysticks by changing the viewpoints and density of scenes. Approaching the human figures, their bodies appear to be made also from names of the body parts in various languages. By zooming into the figures and the body parts, the 'resolution' increases: e.g. 1) 'head', 2) 'hair+face', 3) 'lips'+'cheek’, 4) 'upper lip' + 'lower lip', etc.

… Figures move and leave “traces” in space … made of … e.g. Cyrillic, Arabic words …







The density and activity of avatars in specific area makes influence on the surrounding area and avatars (following the rules similar to the Game-of-Life). The avatar presence in various scene parts and mutual 'collisions' induce 'firework' and 'fusion'-like effects on their 'molecules'. When one avatar leaves some area, some other avatar entering that space partially 'repaints' that environment with its own 'molecule traces' or 'catch' and get 'infected' by surrounding 'foreign molecules'. The stereoscopic projection and quadraphonic sound creates an audiovisual illusion of ghost-like presence in the room (projected images – 'walk in and out' of the screen). The remaining traces also create an impression of ever changing landscape or fluid city.

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