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Content description:

The term 'multiculturemolecular virus' is used as a (slightly ironic) metaphor for human physical and mental interaction – through genes, memes and code. This interaction could be also described as sharing, exchange, competition and conflict among various nations, ideologies and cultures.

Forces of human natural life cycles, human passion, the will and spirit move the 'multiculturemolecules'. It can be a striving for balance, dominance or survival from individual – to state or whole ethnos scale. Either living in symbiosis with others, adjusting or changing themselves or taking somebody else's place – in various parallel power levels.

Diplomats, tourists, spies, PR agents, guest workers, mixed family children, soldiers, refugees, etc., spread 'viruses' or 'anti-viruses' that bring both 'illnesses' as well as 'cures' to them.

What is more important in the today's globalisation context and mediated reality, culture clashes, economical competition and personal privacy challenges? Is it the mass of combined number of inhabitants, nations gross domestic product, income-per-capita, age-structure? Or – it is the organisation level, cultural vitality or 'spiritual strength' of an individual? This artwork does not give the answer, but tries to show the possible bridges (interferences) between mental and physical social ambiences. Lightly humorous comments on some 'popular phobias', 'nostalgias' and 'conspiracy theories' are combined with a somewhat dark future vision on mixed digital and organic realities.

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