Big Brotherhood Browser

1 goggle cam
2 implanted ear phone
3 ring cam
4 wearable button cam
5 shoe mic
6 underwearable mic
7 genitalia jewellery cam
8 stomach pill-cam
9 implanted breath sensor
10 ring mic
11 shoe cam
12 throat skin-mic
13 ear jewellery mic
14 implanted retinal display
15 cap-back button cam

Fictional scenario about a country, where all citizens since birth get implanted personal identity chip and permanently replicate much of their sensory experiences. Through peer-to-peer networks (legal and illegal, regulated and pirate) individuals can share and exchange the services of their private mobile devices (wearable or even implanted): cameras, microphones, sensors and (re-) transmission services with individual partners or on global community. Several levels of privacy, create multiple presence, e.g seeing yourself from various angles, or visiting a distant party with friends or ‘agents’ eyes, ears.
concept (by Jaanis Garancs (c) 2001-2003)
for the 5th International Browserdays competition